Privacy Policy

The user who visits the website is not obliged to enter his Personal Data (name, address, phone number). The website is informative in nature with the ability to collect some data through processors, which are parts of general information (eg browser, visitors count to the site in order to count website traffic).

The website provides the user with the option of online communication by filling out a form in order to communicate with the company but also in conventional ways (phone, e-mail) that do not require personal information. The form has placeholders to enter personal data such as name, email address and phone number. The company uses these data only for its own use and to provide better service to the visitor, along with the possibility of communication between the company-user.

Upon submission by the user of any Personal Data via the electronic environment of the company (eg. through the contact form), the Personal Data is registered encrypted in the company’s database.

The Processing of Personal Data can consist of various actions, such as the registration, organization and storage of Personal Data, their transfer to the relevant departments of the company, or to Processors and the change and deletion of them.

The Processing of Personal Data is governed by these terms, as well as the General European Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection (GDPR), as supplemented by applicable national law.

The legal basis for the processing of the Data is the facilitation of the communication between the user and the company in order to provide the user with the desired information in a fast and with quality manner. The company collects and processes only the necessary Personal Data (eg. address, e-mail, phone, name) for this communication.

The Personal Data is kept by the company for as long as the communication with the user lasts and as long as required by the current legislation or any contractual obligation.

The company is obliged to keep the User’s Personal Data up to date, to store and delete them applying the appropriate security rules, to protect them from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or publication, other than those required by the company to comply with its legal or contractual obligations and the provision of appropriate measures for their protection.

The company respects all the rights of the user provided by the GDPR. The user has the right to access his Personal Data, the right to correct or supplement them, the right to delete them once the purpose of Processing has been completed, the right to restrict Processing, the right to their mobility and the right to object to further Processing, as well as any other right recognized by Law.

The user reserves the right to revoke his consent regarding the Processing of his Personal Data. The revocation is made with a simple written statement to the company.

The user reserves the right to file a complaint to the appropriate supervisory authority.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on a user’s computer or mobile device when they visit that website. This way, the site remembers the actions and preferences (such as password, language, font size, and other display preferences) for a period of time, so you do not have to enter those preferences every time.

According to EU rules, each website that uses cookies must inform you of this, and ask for your consent.

The user always has the right to disable or not accept cookies as well as to know how the cookie information will be used. Cookies do not refer to personal data, but to anonymous data such as:

consent to the cookie policy
the time the user first visited the site as well as subsequent times
displayed pages of the site
time count on each page of the site
user’s IP address
country identification corresponding to the user’s IP
type of user device (laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile)
screen resolution analysis of the user’s device.
browser log (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
device’s operating system (Windows, Android, Ubuntu, OS, etc.)
logging site from which the user came to the site in question
distinguish user to new or old

The above data is processed by Google Analytics (see here) and the software installed on our servers.

Anonymous data is not subject to protection under the GDPR.