Clermont bikes were created in Thessaloniki and were available to the public for the first time in 1983. They continue evolving in terms of design and technology every year so that they can offer robust bicycles for a complete bike experience.

The company that manufactures the bicycles with the trade mark Clermont bikes is an entirely Greek company founded by George Giannakopoulos in Xanthi in 1955. Its business focused on the production of two-wheeled bikes and has since managed to become one of the most recognizable companies in its field. In 1970, the company relocated to Thessaloniki where it operates until today. Having achieved complete production of bicycles in the 1980s, it acquired remarkable craftmanship and unique experience and since 1992 it assembles all types of bicycles with a variety that satisfies even the most demanding riders.

Possessing a network of partners all over Greece you can find Clermont bikes everywhere in Greece and our partners are there to offer their service to you on anything regarding your bicycle both before and after your purchase.